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letsact - Your Volunteering-App - Paul Bäumler und Ludwig Petersen

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How it works

1Create a project

In just 2 minutes you can create projects that will be displayed in your profile and the search for discovery.

2Get volunteers

Every volunteer in the area can see your projects in the app and register directly for them.

3Coordinate volunteers

With the help of the chat you can inform all your volunteers with only one message in case of changes in time or location.

Volunteers for your projects

letsact allows you to present your volunteer project to a large number of potential volunteers. The more attractive the project, the more volunteers will be interested.

Direct communication

Using our chat tool, you can easily contact any volunteer without the hassle of exchanging email addresses or phone numbers. In addition, the automatically created group chat allows you to reach all volunteers in a project with just one message.

Coordinate your volunteers

letsact offers you a variety of useful tools for managing your volunteers. Some of them are also automatically taken over by letsact. Volunteers receive automatic reminders for projects they have signed up for or when you create new projects.

letsact is the only medium through which I can reach young people! I have also directly found volunteers for my projects.

Andrea Raibold, Volunteer-coordinator at Innere Mission

I have always tried to recruit volunteers via Facebook. But this watering can principle only works for large events. With letsact's tool I can work much more specifically. In addition, the people behind the platform are very committed and always help you quickly with any questions.

Hartmut Keitel, Founder of Deine Isar e.V.

The letsact team is very helpful and we were able to win 12 interested volunteers for our charitable projects in a very short time. Thank you very much!

Ullrich Angersbach, Head of Staff Support at EinDollarBrille e.V.

Keep an eye on your most important tasks at all times. You will also receive valuable tips & tricks for your projects.

Customize projects

With many setting options you can individualize your volunteering opportunity perfectly.

Personal Contact

If you have any questions or need help, you always have a permanent personal contact person to whom you can turn at any time.

Spread the word

Tell volunteers more about your organization and the important work you do there.


Simply import your existing projects as an Excel file and we will transfer the project details into our format.


We store our data on servers in Germany and transmit them exclusively SSL-encrypted.

letsact is completely free!

Small and medium sized organizations can use letsact permanently and completely for free. letsact is completely free until you use letsact on a very large scale.

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Any questions?

Yes, our projects have an application function exactly for this. Here, volunteers cannot participate directly, but must first be confirmed by you. You can then make an appointment with the applicants via our chat. The usual process, however, is to contact the volunteers after they have already registered for the project, because projects with applications discourage many potential volunteers.

No, not at all. You do not incur any obligations when you create an account with letsact. You can use the account as much or as little as you want. Of course, we are happy about every new project that can be realized with letsact.

Yes, you can, for example, publish projects that are repeated weekly in order to encourage volunteers to get involved on a regular basis. These projects are also automatically displayed to volunteers every week.

Digital progress makes it easier for volunteers to get involved and win over others. It is important for associations to be able to use the opportunities offered by digital technologies for good causes - especially in order to reach young people better.

Dorothee Bär - Minister of State at the Federal Chancellery and Federal Government Commissioner for Digitisation

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