About us

We bring digitisation to the social sector

Almost 100% of 14-24 year olds use the Internet in Germany. And the number one medium is of course the smartphone. The mobile phone is used in all areas of life and there is a suitable app for every area. But if it concerns commitment, suddenly a gap is noticeable. For young people there is simply still no App in which one can find fast and simply social projects. That's why we thought it's time to change that. And that's why we simply changed it.

A short history of volunteering


Volunteering has existed since the beginning of mankind. At that time "neighbourhood help" was probably the most widespread. Due to the mostly precarious living conditions, this help was limited to the close circle of family and friends. With increasing prosperity, the circle of helpers expanded and more and more people helped those in need.


Organisationen structure the aid in order to build a sustainable and effective infrastructure for those seeking help.

Globalisation and digitisation have created new opportunities to reach more people to participate in this aid. Unfortunately however, the financial means and expertise to take advantage of these opportunities are often lacking.


This is where we come in. We believe that with increasing prosperity and access to information around the world, people are becoming aware of their privileges - and want to share those privileges with others.

We want to work together across countries and languages, overcoming all barriers to work on the most pressing challenges of our century. That's why we want to provide easy and timely access to projects and initiatives, so more people can work together to achieve these goals.

Where we are today

A lot has happened since our pilot project in August 2018. The platform is running stable and attracts more and more organisations and volunteers. In 2019 we want to be active throughout Germany and offer potential helpers a wide range of engagement opportunities.


We are letsact


An interview with the founders

Recently Ludwig and Paul were interviewed at "Inspire Tomorrow" in Mannheim. There they talk about how they came up with the idea and why it needs letsact.

About this format

Inspire Tomorrow

Inspire Tomorrow stands for independent content production and conducts interviews with experts and role models from management, technology and society. The interview guests give impulses and encourage us to design our upcoming topics of today for tomorrow in a contemporary, sustainable, meaningful and responsible way. www.inspire-tomorrow.de

The interview was conducted before the pilot project in Munich (in german).

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