Yes, our projects have an application function exactly for this. Here, volunteers cannot participate directly, but must first be confirmed by you. You can then make an appointment with the applicants via our chat. The usual process, however, is to contact the volunteers after they have already registered for the project, because projects with applications discourage many potential volunteers.

Yes, you can, for example, publish projects that are repeated weekly in order to encourage volunteers to get involved on a regular basis. These projects are also automatically displayed to volunteers every week.

Yes, if you are urgently looking for volunteers for a project at short notice, letsact is just the place for you. Experience has shown that there are always many volunteers available for short-term, one-off projects for which you can sign up directly.

In our projects there are concrete dates, since volunteers are much more likely to register for projects with concrete information about location and time. This makes it easier for volunteers to plan their private appointments. As an organisation you save a lot of time, because the dates are always clearly formulated and your volunteers always arrive on time and motivated for your projects. You don't have to make an appointment first via e-mail, it's already fixed.

No, data protection plays a very important role for us. Your internal data is only visible to you. We need the information from the registration process to verify your organization. Your data will not be made accessible to third parties, transmitted encrypted with SSL and stored on servers in Germany.

Your profile and your projects are of course publicly accessible via our app. Otherwise potential volunteers might not be able to see them.

An email distribution list is just a means to an end. With letsact, on the other hand, you have everything bundled in one place. Keep track of the coordination and communication of all your projects in a single tool. It's also much more convenient and attractive for your potential volunteers to be informed through our app. Remember that many people neglect their private email inboxes.

Yes! letsact should always remain a free tool so that organisations and volunteers can come together. In order to refinance ourselves, we want to offer additional services to larger organisations at extra cost.

All projects you upload are active until they are finished or you close them. One-time projects are only active for a very short time, whereas weekly projects are active for a longer time. So you can upload much more than only 20 projects.

No, not at all. You do not incur any obligations when you create an account with letsact. You can use the account as much or as little as you want. Of course, we are happy about every new project that can be realized with letsact.

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