Enable with 10€ a part of the 'look good feel better' program

Strengthen the well-being

Have a positive influence on the healing process



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Cancer does not rest

Much has changed in times of Corona - cancer has not. Around 230,000 girls and women still get cancer every year. They still go to chemotherapy and radiation. They still lose their hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. They see the life-threatening disease in the mirror every day. The time of social isolation means an additional burden for the patients. There is a lack of support. Many offers of help cannot currently take place in the usual form, although they are urgently needed - because cancer does not take a break.

look good feel better

The idea behind it is simple: it is all about feeling good. Because that strengthens self-esteem and that in turn promotes the healing process and thus health. In order to be able to give women joy of life and hope even during isolation and in times of contact restrictions, the program will now take the form of free online cosmetic seminars.

But this is about much more than make-up

The online cosmetics seminar offers a few carefree hours, is interactive and creates a place for casual exchange among those affected.

Creates motivation to fight

To motivate cancer patients to fight against cancer with optimism. Because leading physicians confirm: a positive attitude to life can have a significant positive influence on the healing process.


DKMS LIFE is a non-profit organization whose mission is to give women and girls suffering from cancer new courage and joy of life. For two years now, it has been doing this in the form of look good feel better cosmetic seminars in which patients learn how to care for their skin during therapy and how to become more self-confident through appropriate make-up techniques.

Provide hope, strength and self-esteem to sick people.

Good Health and Well-being