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Education is often simply too expensive

School and training costs in Burkina Faso must be covered by the families themselves. Since a large proportion of parents cannot afford this because of the high poverty rate, the illiteracy rate is correspondingly high at over 70%. In contrast, the population is young: 45% of the inhabitants of Burkina Faso are under 14 years old and have only difficult access to education and training.

But education is the key to break free from poverty

Further education is one of the few opportunities for young people to break the cycle of poverty and to acquire opportunities for a promising future. Young people and young adults who would otherwise not have access to higher education can continue their education by securing the money.

The education creates income and thus not only independence, but also better living conditions for the person and loved ones

In contrast to Germany, young people in Burkina Faso do not receive any remuneration during vocational training but have to pay high fees to the training centre out of their own pockets (just as they do for school attendance). However, vocational training can change a young person's life in the long term and gives them the chance to be able to support themselves and their future family independently.

Primary school teacher

A primary school teacher teaches children at primary level, i.e. in grades one to four. In addition to imparting knowledge, the primary school teacher takes on important educational tasks and teaches the children values and behaviour.


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