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Creates independence and flexibility

Important distances can be mastered more quickly



Why a bike?

For millions of people in developing countries, their own feet are the only means of transport available. Long distances in rural areas make the daily journey to school or work, to hospital or to transport goods to difficult or even impossible challenges. Everyday life becomes a run against time and automatically leads to high levels of exhaustion.

A bicycle can do wonders there as an alternative way of moving and transporting.

A stinkin' normal bike?

No, specially developed and extremely robust bicycles are produced. As part of a sustainable programme (BEEP = Bicycles for Educational Empowerment Program) these bicycles are made available to the pupils* and the school staff.

In addition, mechanics are trained in the local communities to maintain the bikes and thus ensure the sustainability of the programmes. This also creates jobs on site


World Bicycle Relief makes people mobile. They help people to overcome distances, to become independent and to advance their lives by their own efforts. World Bicycle Relief is mainly active in sub-Saharan Africa in the programme countries Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Malawi.

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