Buy a sheep for 45 Coins

Promoting education raises the standard of living

Sheep Breeding School Learns and Creates Jobs



Why a sheep?

In Togo there is little meat and the existing one is very expensive. That's why fires are often set in forests to force animals out of the bush and hunt them. The promotion of sheep breeding should reduce this kind of arson.

Another reason is the fact that animals are often poorly kept in Togo. This causes or promotes diseases, which in turn endangers the consumption of milk and the young animals

How do we solve this problem?

A sheep breeding school shows how to achieve better results with only small changes in animal husbandry and how to make the animals healthier

We also train around 12 shepherds every year, who after their training are able to establish their own small, but professionally kept sheep breeding

Microloans are also granted to the most committed and successful young shepherds


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