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Influencers move more young people today than politicians, newspapers or celebrities. It's about time that pioneers used this reach to mobilize masses for a good cause - as our letsact Ambassadors are already doing today.

These Ambassadors support us in our mission to change the world with one good deed after another.


You want to be an Ambassador too?

An Ambassador is someone who inspires other people, takes them along and shows them what is possible. In our Ambassador Program we support you actively in activating your followers for the good cause.

The Ambassador- Program

Give your followers the opportunity to get involved quickly and easily with the issues you are passionate about.

Impact report

With your personal Deeplink we can determine how much impact you can make possible.

Planting trees

For every new volunteer who signs up through your link, we will plant a tree.

Start your own projects

We support you if you want to realize your own project ideas.


We connect you with other Ambassadors in our program so you can share your reach!

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